Chicago Johnny's

Chicago Johnny's

Chicago food is a working man's food. We eat deep flavored, rich, hearty sandwiches loaded with condiments, because, we are also a city of toppings. We top pizzas, we top pastas, we top 'sangwiches' & we top hot dogs wit' tomatoes, pickles, neon green (and I mean neon) relish, onion, mustard, & celery seed; all of that, on a friggin' hot dog! Italian beef sandwiches are everywhere in the city, you can find a 'Beef Joint' as common as a Walgreens or Starbucks out here. And we like our food loaded wit' flavor. This 'sangwich' is a heavy gluten bread, dipped in the very gravy that the Italian beef was cooked in, topped wit' hot giardiniera, a crunchy & crisp addition to a greasy, flavor soaked beef 'sangwich.' Deep flavor for a city with hot summers & heavy winters. Chicago Johnny's is a culmination of my culinary love & history of Chicago food. All products are handmade in & around Chicago!

Chicago Johnny's (Unisex) Tee by TULIP BRAND -  - TULIP BRAND
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Chicago Johnny's (Unisex) Tee by TULIP BRAND


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from $32.00

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