Our Story

You're probably wondering about our name. Tulips are the first thing to pop up and embrace the sunshine after a long, cold winter. At first, a single brave pioneer will emerge; but soon, all his friends join him. And just like that, a movement is born.

TULIP BRAND is creating a movement.

We strive to help local businesses create fans by marketing apparel that truly represents their brand. Our founder, Nick, was inspired by the stories he was told by local business owners during his travels around the country in a previous career. The one common denominator throughout these experiences was pride. Pride in their community. Pride in their craft. Pride in giving back.

When a customer puts on a t-shirt that showcases a local brand, they're exhibiting that very same pride. With this in mind, we design TULIP BRAND apparel to:

  • Feel as local as these brands are, with a touch of vintage style
  • Appeal to "real locals" and be repped alongside other authentic, local brands
  • Add value through superior quality and design
  • Be available for purchase across numerous web, mobile, and social channels
  • Create dollars for charity

Local Businesses: Join The Movement

Customers: Support local businesses, and their charities, by shopping here